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Good Vibes

An ongoing series of everything Beauty, Life & Love 

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black history month

Sophistocrat now carries Bella & Bear

March 14, 2021

Hey Loves!

I'm super excited to to announce to you all that Sophistocrat now carry products from Bella & Bear. They are a cruelty-free, vegan and lightly scented line of skincare products that are worth all of the rave. You can shop Bella & Bear here on our website and also through our social media. Let us know what you think and we hope you love them as much as I do.

Always wishing you Good Vibes and Energy,


black history month

Some Black History Month Love

February 20, 2021

Hey Loves!

I wanted to do something a little different in lieu of Black History Month. It's already the 20th and the month will be ending soon.  Its a big deal to some but, honestly I dont feel the need to wait around for February to get here to celebrate, acknowledge or love my heritage. I know that there are so many others that feel this way as well. I mean, honestly theres no way to even begin to cram everything that is OUR history and heritage into one month. The sacrifices that have been made. The influences that originated with US that make this country thrive today. The contributions that we've given and continue to give that go unnoticed and downplayed. We are an amazing people and I will celebrate us 24/7,  365 days a year.  

Okay okay so, like i said i wanted to do something different. That being said:

I have an affirmation for my Beautiful, multi-chocolate toned truffles, (Thats YOU, Lol). 

Black, Bold & Confident Affirmation

Here's to your Self Asteem Kings & Queens

I am beautiful

I am made in perfection

I am a work in progress

I am strong

I am worthy of my dreams

I am confident

I am courageous

I am creative

I am loved

I am lovable

I am happy as I am

I accept myself

I love the Skin I am in

I am not too thin

I am not too fat

i am just right, YES!

I Matter

My thoughts and opinions matter

It’s ok to be different

I am so happy to be different

I am so happy to be me

I am chosen you for a reason

I am able

I forgive myself

I forgive you

I am wealthy in more ways than one

I am so blessed

I support myself

I trust myself completely

I am so grateful

Gratitude flows all through me

I am calm

I am the master of my own mind

I am in control

I Let go of anything that does not bring me happiness.

I hope you all love this as much as I do. I pray you can use these affirmations to better your thinking about yourselves. Someone needed this. Always remember, Change the way that you think, Change your Life.  

I got this partly from www.blackmilkwomen.com and as usual I tweaked it. Have a beautiful day.

Always wishing you Good Vibes and Energy,


The day is here Loves!!

October 2, 2020

Hey Loves!

I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. Okay (Deep Breath). I'm good now. Today is the day and I am just overwhelmed with gratitude right now. I'm enjoying the whole process, all of the hard work and anxiety included. This collection is my new baby and Please feel free to let me know how much you love it, I'm offering a free gift with the first 20 purchases of the NEW COLLECTION. Oh yeah, Shipping is FREE for Today and this weekend only so get over to the new web store (Beauty Shop) and get yours. Thanks for all of the love and support.

Love is in the air, HAPPY FALL!

September 12, 2020

Hey Loves!

I am overly excited to for Autumn. Not only because of all the seasonal scents and special seasonal menus that contain pumpkin & Spice in EVERYTHING, lol. Sophistocrat is launching its first ever Fall Collection!! YAY!! The (FALL in LOVE collection) to be exact and it's got me ecstatic. This information is exclusive right now only to you, The blogees..xoxo. I've gone over the top with the packaging, the products inside and making sure that at least 1 freebie is included. The collection is Sophistocrat Beauty's 2020 Fall P.R. Box and yup, Its for sale babes. It includes a 5-well palette of beautiful, creamy, pigmented shades, 2 of our gorgeous extreme lipsticks, 2 of our soft- creamy kohl lip pencils, and a special treat,..My absolute favorite Lipgloss. Now look, I have to let you know,.. This lipgloss...OMG......slightly tacky for long wear. Its super pigmented. Has Vitamin E to protect those pretty lips and the color is AMAZING. You can wear this with or without your favorite liner You are the first to find out whats's in the collection. On Sept 18, 2020 i'll be going live on my Instagram to preview some of the new items from the Fall in Love collection as well as new items added to the new E-Beauty Shop. Stay tapped in with me and sign up for the email list to stay up to date with all things Sophistocrat.

Always wishing you Good Vibes & Energy,


Missing your Nail Tech during Quarantine?

April 20, 2020

Hey Love!

It's a very difficult time that we as a nation and even globally are going through right now. We are social distancing, Lots of businesses are temporarily closed, People are missing work which in turn is putting households in very desperate situations. I pray we get through this as fast and as safely as possible. While being quarantined I've seen so many people on Instagram showing off the after effects of nail shops being closed for weeks,...and umm...It is not pretty. So, Guess what?? The solution took us back old skool (Remember Lee press on nails? Lol ) with a very modern and glammed up energy. I came across The Nailest (Custom Nail Bar) on Instagram and I absolutely LOVE them. You may have seen Jackie Aina showing off her pretty paws from The Nailest. They've been featured in Cosmopolitan, The Today Show and won Allure's 2019 Best of Beauty Awards. Honestly their nails are EVERYTHING. Check this out.......Gorgeous, Right?? And this. There are so many designs to choose from and they have great detailed information on sizing and shape so that you can pick the perfect set of claws just for you. So don't worry babes,.. whether it's weekend nails, IG nails, date night nails or quarantine nails,.. The Nailest has got you!

Always wishing you Good Vibes & Energy


Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas for ANYONE

March 15, 2020

Happy Valentines Day!!! Yup, its here already and no matter how many people you've seen on the side of the road selling bears, flowers, candy and assorted baskets,..you grabbed neither. Maybe you wanted to spring for something a little more original, maybe you procrastinated and, VOILA! its here and now WTF am i going to do? or maybe you even forgot (shame on you) Lol!

Heres a few things you can do, or grab to make sure you are not sleeping in the doghouse tonight.

1-800-FLOWERS & Pro Flowers

They have same-day Valentines Day gift deliveries from your local florists. So all you have to do is put in some location info, select that perfect gift and leave the rest to them.

Heres a link to their same day gift service to make it even easier for you: https://www.1800flowers.com/valentines-same-day-12831 ....https://www.proflowers.com/same-day-valentines-day-flowers-ffvdy

Your Local Winery

Im here in the Bay Area, Cali. so there are literally tons of wineries to choose from. An amazing day of wine tasting at a one of the beautiful local wineries is always desirable. The weather isnt really permitting right now where i am for the gorgeous outside experience but, the cool thing is, you can grab a table inside and enjoy delicious pairings with your valentine. Oh Yea! Did i mention? NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY!!! Just google "local wineries near me", Yeah, I know...Thank me later.

Don't underestimate a great GIFT CARD

Gift cards can sometimes get a bad rep from the people who've messed it up for the rest of us in the past. Listen up! The key to giving a gift card is: First, know the person. What they're in to, passionate about, something they may have mentioned that they'd like to try. If she just LOVES and SWOONS over makeup...she'd love a Sephora or Ulta gift card. Ladies!! if he's into his gadgets and electronics, He'll go for a BestBuy or maybe even an Amazon Gift Card (these are just examples). Bottomline...know your valentine.

Second, Don't just hand them a gift card..smh. PLEASE, don't do this. Buy a nice fitting greeting card, sign it with a nice message, not just Happy Valentines Day. Say something nice about them, why they're your valentine, how much you appreciate them , yada yada yada, then put the gift card in the greeting card...Oh Yeah, and sign the envelope. Gift card can definitely be a Hit or Miss but, with these tips, you have nothing to worry about.

There's always that Gesture she/he wont forget

So you opted to just stay clear of all the Valentines Day restaurants, events and other outings that were presented. There's always that gesture nobody's heart is exempt from. Cook or Order dinner in for two. Decorate with candles, some petals or other personalized or romantic things that you come up with. Play some music, set the mood and Have a great Evening in with your Valentine.

Hope you Enjoy your Valentines Day with whoever you're enjoying it with and.....

Good Vibes


9 Tips For Healthy Hair...That wont disappoint

February 14, 2020

Taking care of Afro, curly, kinky, relaxed, color-treated or Multi-textured hair can be a task in itself. Many complain about their hair being dry, damaged or doesn't grow but, with the right hair care practices anyone can achieve healthy hair.

Tip #1


Tangling Knots? Dryness? Split ends? You can take things to the next level with a hot oil treatment. Apply oils to the ends of your hair as this is the oldest part of the hair and needs the most moisture. Toss on a shower cap and tie a scarf/ turban while you go about your day. This encourages heat, which ultimately means deeper conditioning.

Tip #2


Trimming the hair is often the answer for breathing new life into brittle and broken ends. Nipping split ends in the bud and making sure that the shaft is prevented from further split.

Tip #3


Direct heat from styling tools can be so damaging to your scalp and hair. Also those fried, dyed and pulled to the side hairstyles that tug on hair causing those edges to bail. If you ABSOLUTELY must use heat on your hair, build up your protein levels first. Make sure your hair is clean and have a protein treatment prior to heat styling.

Tip #4


Your hair is prone to breakage caused by friction from bedding. Use a silk pillowcase or headscarf at night to avoid breakage.

Tip #5


Make sure that you drink plenty of water. Dehydration is a common cause of dry hair and scalp. Eating lots of leafy green veggies to your diet and exercising is also beneficial as it reduces stress and promotes blood circulation.

Tip #6


A clean scalp is key to the overall health of the hair. Many people overlook the scalp completely, while piling on heavy creams, gels and styling products. Washing your hair regularly removes the build-up and allows your products to remain effective.

(PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION): FLORA & CURL'S CURL REFRESH CLAY WASH...This is great for detoxifying the scalp!

TIP #7


Afro, curly or multi-textured hair is naturally dry. This is because it takes moisture longer to travel down the spirals. A proper deep conditioning treatment can be utterly transformative to the hairs health adding shine, elasticity and moisture.

(WE RECOMMEND): DIZZIAK'S LUSH DEEP CONDITIONER....Described by many as a game changer



Protective styling is a term used to describe twists, braids, weaves or wigs which tuck away the ends of the hair typically prone to damage. The styles are only one part of the equation though....to keep your hair happy and healthy underneath make moisture your new bestie.


TIP #9


It is usual to expect some knots with tightly coiled or kinked hair due to the tight interlocking of these textures. However, if you're experiencing more knots than usual or your hair is exposed to chlorine or the sun frequently, then protein is definitely needed to build up the layers of the hair. Traditionally people would reach for an egg but, while eggs are protein from a nutritional point of view, their molecules aren't small enough to penetrate the hair.


I hope that these tips help you out on your healthy hair journey.

Good Vibes,


The information in this blog post is derived from multiple reputable sources. (New African Woman Magazine, Antidotestreet.com and Sophistocrat Beauty.)

These are personal references. I am not a licensed cosmetologist and all info given is not to be deemed a professional opinion.